Continuous Improvement

First Bourn’s responsibility platform is designed to help make our communities places where our associates want to work, our Members and guests want to visit and train, our neighbors want to live, and our investors want to invest. Our credo for our Members and our Communities is and always will be Continuous Improvement.

Custom Platform

Our platform will reflect the belief that no one better understands an area’s most pressing issues – and solutions – than those who live and work there. First Bourn will bring together teams of passionate people including First Bourn team members and local community advocates to focus on positive and specific efforts that create a meaningful impact.

Thriving Community

The platform focuses on four key pillars that are essential to any thriving community: (1) Environmental Sustainability, (2) Economic Development, (3) Education & Mentoring, and (4) Health & Wellness. We are developing both evergreen and ad hoc programs — something for everyone. There will be dozens of programs to choose from touching each and every category. If you’d like to get involved, or have a cause you’d like us to support, please let us know.

Volunteerism & Philanthropy

While our members achieve their athletic goals, we will achieve our company responsibility goals through a dual focus on environmental & economic stewardship across our invested regions, and strengthening our community impact through volunteerism and philanthropy. While not required, transient Members are welcome to pitch in. It won’t be uncommon for resident athletes, whether training out on their own or as a part of a camp, to plan an afternoon helping others.

Our Foundation

The First Bourn Foundation will be established with the opening of the first property with a $25,000 contribution from the Company to further the First Bourn’s social responsibilities initiative. This contribution will be repeated at each and every property opening and those dollars will always be focused on the local, surrounding communities.

Profit Sharing

To fuel the Foundation, First Bourn will sustain Company profit sharing and Member participation programs in a variety of forms, including (1) Donations for Miles programs, (2) Road clean ups; (3) Community activism on environmental or economic develop initiatives; and (4) Individual employee recognition in the form of scholarship.

Labor of Love

Each program will be focused on a specific goal tied to the Foundation’s purpose and an accountability system established to accomplish them. We are committed to improving the communities we inhabit and the lives of the families that live there. This will be a labor of love.

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