Strong Capital Base

We are backed by a strong network of private, global investors. Our investors have been hand-selected to ensure the highest degree of financial strength, strategic value, and passion for the categories we serve. Investors bring both resources and skills required to execute the business plan. We have been — and will continue to be — highly selective in who we partner with.

Member-Driven Experience

Our goal is to grow rapidly to create an epic, point-to-point experience in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of North America, connecting Asheville, NC to Charlottesville, VA using the Blue Ridge Parkway as the spine. At the same time, we plan to create similar experiences in key destinations both nationally and globally, such as Boulder, Co and Tucson, AZ. But we will only do so at the pace in which members will support the experience that First Bourn is creating. Continuous improvement. And Member-driven.

Responsible Financial Approach

Our approach has been to appropriately capitalize our business to establish core business and marketing initiatives then leverage market demand and insights to fully deliver on the experience. We will maintain a member-driven growth model — effectively staying exactly one step ahead of market demand.

Sound Growth Model

While First Bourn is a market and athlete-driven experience, our business plan includes aligning initial Member-demand with market selection to make our experience one of the most consumer-driven experiences ever seen. It’s our expectation that we will capture the required market demand for this business quickly and have the first world-class destination training experience executed and operational in less than a year. The support from all areas of the market is overwhelming.

Long-Term Value

We believe the initial scale of our presence around the world will initially be small relative to the recognition of our brand and our excellent reputation we will create. We are focused on creating long-term shareholder value, and on where and how we invest to build our presence and experience in key locations.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to building this business rapidly yet responsibly and therefore have taken a highly fiduciary approach to building our experience and protecting all parties. In line with our vision of providing optimal training experiences for our Members, this business and experience is designed to keep getting better.

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