(NEW) Why did you reduce your Pricing?

We actually didn’t. We converted a 5-Year price lock Membership to smaller, more manageable 1-Year Memberships. Members now have the flexibility to go year-to-year. We also eliminated the monthly dues, but built in slightly higher room night costs to help off-set a pesky monthly payment. All Members who joined at the 5-Year rate are being given an option to downgrade — it’s their choice. Bottom line, we would like to accelerate our growth to more rapidly start construction and want to make joining First Bourn more manageable for most athletes. These Registration fees are promotional and will not last long.

What’s All-Inclusive mean for the Pro’s?

It means All-Inclusive. Pro Members pay their room night fees like everyone else, but can leave their wallets in their rooms. Every on property amenity we offer, and that are detailed on our site, are free. Food. Massages. Mini Coopers. Vespas. Pool. Fitness room. Trails. Bike sign-outs (road, MTB, fat tire, even cruisers if we get a few), are complimentary. It’s time the Pro’s get what they deserve.

What does “From $149 and From $159” per night Mean?

A majority of our room night inventory will be offered at the published rate at Joining and will be honored as available. However, we do need to rate manage, like a hotel, and adjust according to seasonality and other demand drivers. It’s good business. With more demand, more members will be on site and we’ll need more staff to deliver on their needs. But, rate increases will be reasonable. For what we’re offering, it’s comparatively a great deal. But these rates will only be locked in for those that Join early.

Will you be sold out from time to time?

Sure,  just like a Hotel. We’ll have periods where we are sold out. But with four seasons of training and plans to rapidly add room inventory due to our construction model, we don’t expect a widespread problem.

Is First Bourn a “Country Club”?

We’re a growing community of athletes that want better travel and training experiences — and deserve them. We’ll have some nice touches for sure. But, we’re not a country club in the negative sense of that term. And we don’t cost $30K to join. If you’re looking for an “elitist” club, First Bourn isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a place to fuel your passion, meet new people in the sport from all over the world, do a group ride with a Pro or two, and give back, First Bourn is exactly right.

When is the first property going to open?

We expect the first property to open late summer/early fall 2015.

Where will the first property be?

The first location will be determined by the physical location and preferences of our initial Members. During the registration process, we are collecting preferred first locations from our Members and we will use that information to drive Village rollout and initiate construction. Our goal is to make this truly a customer (or athlete) driven experience.

What made you decide on these locations?

The locations, besides being widely known as top training destinations for endurance athletes, were selected through extensive market research – both on the ground experience planning and more traditional quantitative and qualitative research among prospective members.

Will Craig Alexander be running training camps there?

Yes, he will probably run a couple camps a year from the First Bourn locations. But since he’s still racing at the professional level, he will use his own discretion with the time he has.

What will Craig do as Chief Experience Officer?

Craig has provided great vision and leadership for this experience and continues to be actively engaged in steering its execution. He’ll be in market and on the mountains so to speak creating the best riding experiences, trail runs, and perfecting the on-property experience. He will probably want to cut a few trails himself.

Are other coaches allowed to run training camps there?

Yes, the First Bourn Village Network is a quintessential training platform for coaches across disciplines. We have a specific Membership tier for coaches to enable them to support multiple camps per year, as well as get access for select athletes and camp attendees that are not First Bourn Members. The First Bourn experience was designed with coaches as a key segment of our Member base. 

How do you become a Resident Athlete? What are the benefits?

Resident Athletes or Ambassadors are selected based on several criteria, including athletic achievement in the sport (Pro and AG), a demonstrated passion for the lifestyle, a commitment to help understand and educate the marketplace on our experience and offering, and finally, a burning desire to give back.

What other Professional Athletes are involved?

We have several professional athletes across disciplines involved in varying capacities with plans to announce additional professionals along the way.

Why did you start this company?

It’s more than just about the finish line. It’s what happens in between. Endurance athletes at every level enjoy training just as much as racing – some even more. We believe in providing a world-class experience for a world-class audience. An experience that will help athletes enjoy the lifestyle, improve individual performance, make new relationships, and give back to the communities we’ll inhabit. 

What’s the background on the name?

Outside of the most obvious association with the over achieving mind set of the first born child, the names carries several definitions that also are relevant: n: Bourn /born,boorn/ A goal; destination; limit; boundary / intermittent, small stream / burn.

Will these properties be open 365 days per year and 24 hours a day?

Yes, they will operate just as a hotel does. However, Social Members won’t have access rights to the property rooms after certain hours, unless a guest of a Member and a part of the reservation.

Who will be able to use the properties?

Primarily, First Bourn Members and guests. However, from time to time, as coaches hold camps on property, non-members will be able to use and stay at the property with a daily Village surcharge built into the camp cost program.

How much will Membership cost?

There are several Membership types and fees associated with each type. A detailed description of each Membership type and costs are/will be available on the Membership page.

What’s the First Bourn Foundation?

The First Bourn Foundation will be a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), separate from First Bourn, LLC, that is dedicated to charitable causes. A core part of the First Bourn brand for both the athlete members and the communities we inhabit is continuous improvement. We are planning an aggressive schedule from day 1.

What’s the business model?

The model is no different than a Golf Membership – but with rooms. First Bourn has priced Membership with the right level of registration fee and monthly dues, as well as nightly room night fees, to deliver on the experience and maintain effective business operations. Our goal is to keep member pricing reasonable but high enough to deliver on the value proposition we know our audience will expect from an experience like First Bourn. 

Will there be structured training programs or free to choose your own?

Yes. While we expect to host transient cyclists and other athletes looking to create their own training – and non-training – experiences, we fully plan to provide all the tools and supports services our Members will appreciate when they visit the Villages. The Coaching Members will hold structured training camps and organized rides as well, which can be scheduled and coordinated through the Coach Members directly and supported by First Bourn Village staff.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We have open positions at the parent company, the regional and the local levels. We are looking for talented individuals that have a passion for the lifestyle, but also the skills and backgrounds required to deliver and maintain and excellent experience. Talent is the lifeblood of our business and we have been and will continue to be highly selective.

Who will run the properties?

First Bourn, LLC and a wholly owned subsidiary will be responsible for running the properties. To maintain the highest degree of quality over the physical space, the programming and the experience, we will staff First Bourn specific full- and part-time employees on each property.

Who’s behind First Bourn?

An experienced and growing team of endurance industry veterans and private investors, as well as 5x Ironman Champion Craig Alexander, and some of the most talented and well-rounded athletes in endurance sport.

What will the Villages offer/entail?

The Villages will have every known need and want imaginable to serious and even not-so serious endurance athletes across cycling, triathlon and running. More details can be found on our Experience/Villages page.

Will your villages be family friendly?

Yes. We’ll have adjoining rooms; roll-out beds and cribs; rooms with tubs for baths; a Playroom and Theatre in the Main House; a dedicated lane in the Pool for kids; a playground; available car seats for the house motos; running strollers; and a dedicated concierge on staff to help plan off property activities. We will also have available credentialed childcare with an advanced reservation.

Will your villages be pet-friendly?

Yes, we will have a Pet Friendly policy at each of our villages as well as Rules & Regulations to govern the pet guests.

If we register as a Coach, can we add our Coaching logo to your site and visa versa?

Absolutely. And we’ll support you in our marketing efforts to expand your scope to new markets. 

Will your properties be LEED Certified?

Yes, we are planning varying degrees of LEED Certification across our portfolio. Those levels will be determined by requirements to meet certain certifications as well as various cost realities or differences per each local construction market economies. 

Will you hold events on the property?

Yes, we will hold events specific to First Bourn experiences for Members and guests, as well as other non-related events. Those events will be held at the discretion of First Bourn, LLC management and owners.

Will you have bikes available for Members and guests in the Bike Barn?

Yes, we will maintain a fleet of Road, TT, MTB and Fat Tire bicycles at each location.

Are these the only plans? 

Yes, these are the only plans we offer but, from time to time, expect to adjust our Membership tiers to cater to our audience.

Are there any discounts? 

We also have certain discounts for those who qualify as Retired/Active Military, Firefighters, Police Officers and Teachers. Registrations who meet any of the above criteria, and are verified through social media and other channels, will earn a 20% credit on Registrations within 30 days from Registration date.

When will my Membership be activated? 

Your account will be activated 30-Days before the Room Nights you are allocated become available for booking. On this date you will be notified by email that your Room Nights are ready and you will be able to reserve rooms. You only begin paying annual Membership Fees after your activation date. Social Memberships will be activated on opening day.