Benefits of Altitude Training.

Since 1968, athletes who lived or trained at altitude have won 95% of Olympic and World Championship medals from the 800-meter to the Marathon*. It can therefore be concluded that altitude training is either necessary or beneficial for success or improvement in endurance sports
*Source: Dr. Joe Vigil, 2008 USA Olympic Team Running Coach.

Altitude Destinations.

In the continental United States, there are few places that offer the altitude and elevation for these athletes. Those locations primarily include the Pacific Northwest, the Colorado Rockies, select areas in Arizona and New Mexico, upstate New York, and the Southeastern United States, specifically the Blue Ridge Mountains. Many of the planned First Bourn locations will provide altitude training for its athletes.

Diverse Training Experiences.

First Bourn’s regional locations and topography provide a diverse set of training experiences given the altitude and terrain variances in each of our regions. It’s rigorous in many areas, but also offers mild elevation gain and loss. First Bourn’s chosen locations will provide value to a wide range of endurance athletes in both skill and experience level.

Something for everyone.

First Bourn will offer an experience for every athlete at every level. Our world-class network of training locations will provide an experience for all levels of athletes from professional triathletes and cyclists leading their sports, to those age-group athletes aiming to increase their distances or improve their times, or even those just getting started.

Safe, diverse training zones.

In the Blue Ridge Mountain alone, some areas of the “training zones” – the area defined as radius between and surrounding each of the properties, approximately a 50 mile zone – will allow for beginner or novice athletes looking to learn from the best and in a world-class, safe environment. Other locations, such as Boulder and Tucson, also provide a multitude of training experiences offering our visiting Members and guests the diversity they deserve.

Push Your Boundaries.

For experienced members, the distance between each of the properties will provide significant training sessions to meet the expectations and needs of top athletes. A common use of our stage distances will be to complete a predefined 40-60 mile, mountainous session between each property using the Blue Ridge Parkway as the training course. Some athletes may even choose to complete two stages in one-day (approximately 100 miles). It won’t be uncommon for ultra-distance runners to cover the distance between each consecutive property, take a rest day or two in between, and then do it all over again.

Find New Limits.

For less experienced members, each “training zone” – defined as the zone between two stage properties – will allow for additional options of less intensity sessions. In the Blue Ridge Mountain region, for example, there are many parallel and valley country roads that flank the Parkway but that don’t mandate the rigors of significant climbs and respective descents. These are known as the “valley byways”. Distances will also have the ability to be adjusted. Given the proximity of the properties and surrounding training zones, no support vehicle – and cold drinks – will be more that 20-25 minutes away.

Plan Quality Sessions.

First Bourn will help athletes plan sessions by providing Stage Maps and Profiles (elevation). Whether planned weeks in advance or even the night before, First Bourn will offer all the data and tools necessary to make the most of each training session. Members will feel empowered and in control of their daily activity and know exactly what’s ahead, how to be prepared – and exactly what to look forward to.

Fall In Love (With Training) Again.

What makes First Bourn unique won’t just be our destinations and premium accommodations, but our ability to cater to a variety of experience levels. First Bourn founders and a network of experience consultants have and will continue to spend time in the regions researching, learning, defining hundreds of training courses and sessions – from cycling to off-road and running. This is a labor of love.

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