Fully supported rides – for you and your gear

The First Bourn experience will include support or chase vehicles for all training sessions and experiences in our locations. Each village will have two Mercedes Sprinter vans in addition to other vehicles providing support to riders and transport of their gear and luggage from one village to the next. Whether you’re heading out one morning or finishing up for the day, we’ll be right there with you. It’s that simple. Door to door service has never looked so good.

Bike shop and techs – at your service

Each village will have a fully equipped bike shop to support your needs. They’ll be staffed by experienced technicians to handle your bike prep and maintenance needs each morning before. Members will never pay for basic services* and yes – tubes are free. Ever imagine someone prepping your bike for you while you finish your Italian coffee and breakfast parfait? Let us focus on the details while you focus on getting the most out of starting your day right.

* See Membership Offering for more detail (available soon).

House motos for your own time – including down-time

Off the training course, we’re including “house motos” to provide even more support and flexibility for members. These motos will be provided by our exclusive official auto partner FIAT. Most property vehicles will be fitted with roof-mounted bike racks. We’ll also offer Vespa Scooters for single or group excursions for motorized two-wheel exploration. Indulge in a set of two wheels with a motor for a trip into town or some downtime exploration in the mountains.

FIAT's per village
Chase scooters per village
Daily village staff
Tires inflated for you
% of your gear transported

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