We’re Building A Network Of Epic Training Destinations. It’s About Continuous Improvement.

First Bourn has chosen some of the most popular training destinations to build the best training experience for our Members. Whether it’s real altitude training in Colorado or Arizona, taking on the scenic hills and descents in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or getting that time trial in on the flat, rural Eastern Shore of Maryland — there’s a training experience for everyone. Our goal is to grow to these and other locations to support a true network of destination training locations to serve our market.

Imagine planning training weeks or long-weekend training sessions in these locations with other athletes. A vacation or a “train-cation”. Either way, it will be an experience to remember and we are committed to turning this vision into a reality, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville Named First Official First Bourn Destination Training Village Location

In the shadows of Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak east of the Mississippi and standing at 6,683′, Asheville is one of the true cycling and mountain training destinations in the east. Curving around the city is the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile road at the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountain range extending from just south of Asheville all the way north to Charlottesville, VA. Pro Cycling teams have been known to call Asheville home for training weeks for its challenging and impressive terrain. Known for cooler temps in the summer and year-round cycling, Asheville continues to establish itself as a mecca for outdoor sport, breweries, fine restaurants, and fine culture. Recovery day? Spend it at the famous Biltmore Estate, known as America’s largest home built by George Vanderbilt in the 1800’s. Asheville helped inspire First Bourn’s vision and will be among the first. #BoulderEast

35°39’45.3″N 82°29’02.2″W

Nearly 40 acre ridge

Over 300 degree views at 3,700′

Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Altitude? Not really. But as one of the most popular cycling destinations on the entire eastern coastline with quiet roads and gorgeous farmland, there’s no surprise this made our list. Serving many major markets for long-weekend training, including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Richmond, all less than 2 hours away, this will be a very popular village location. With flat, fast country roads and the Chesapeake Bay’s beautiful rivers for saltwater swimming, it’s no surprise the Eastern Shore is home to two major long-course races now. This location will be a popular weekend warrior spot and a favorite across the First Bourn network of training villages.

Tucson, Arizona.

Known as one of the best “Winter Training Grounds” in the States for endurance athletes, Tucson has more cycling roads and running trails at altitude than almost any other city in the Southwest. With Mt. Lemmon’s peak at 9,157′, it challenges even the top riders with nearly 30 miles of climbing and maximum grade reaching 14.7%. The Catalina Foothills that surround “Sky Island” — as Lemmon is called — and borders Tucson, also provide epic rides. Rolling hills and even many flats for time trial work are typical around Tucson. And have you seen an Arizona sunset lately? From altitude training with epic climbs and a cultural and dining scene not to miss, Tucson will be one of the most popular destination training villages in the First Bourn network of training villages.

Boulder, Colorado & the Rockies.

Known as the “Endurance Capital of the World” at more than a mile high and paved roads exceeding 10,000′ west of downtown, it’s no surprise many Professional endurance athletes call Boulder home, including 5x Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. You’ve never seen “Training Day” like this before. Truly epic sessions include the Flagstaff Mountain climb, Lefthand Canyon, and of course Estes Park just beyond the town of Lyons. There is no shortage of some of the best — and toughest — rides you’ll want to conquer. Miles of trails around town and the famous Switzerland Trail up in the hills also provide the scenic beauty and solitude you’d expect from a destination like this. But don’t be surprised if you’ll get passed by some of the Pros — they’re out there almost every day.

Bend, Oregon.

East of Portland and about 100 miles south of Mt. Hood, elevation 11,250′, sits a hidden gem called Bend, Oregon. With similarities to Boulder in both culture to athleticism, Bend offers endurance athletes more than just altitude sessions — but a fresh perspective on one of the most beautiful areas of the country. This is quintessential Pacific Northwest training. There’s Mount Bachelor and the Three Sisters, peaks just outside Bend, that cater to just about every endurance sport imaginable from trail running to Road/Mountain biking and even snowshoeing. One truly epic experience being planned is a Century ride from downtown Bend to the base of Mt. Hood, then a foot climb to the summit. Not a bad brick workout? Back in town, some of the best restaurants and breweries in the region makes Bend one of our top choices.

Upstate NY Adirondacks.

Back East, Adirondack National Park is home to many of the tallest peaks in the New England region. Mt. Marcy, standing at 5,343′ and with views to Canada, is the tallest and has many beautiful and uncrowded hiking/running trails. There are hundreds of miles of mountain roads to ride and dozens of open water swimming lakes to swim, including Lake Placid. And with much of the region restricted land — the solitude and vistas will make you forget how close you are to the urban cities of the Northeast. Only a half day drive from New York City, it feels like another planet, and is a top choice for First Bourn as a training destination and will be a favorite among regional athletes. #CentralParkNorth

Charlottesville, Virginia.

Home to the University of Virginia, Charlottesville is a strong and vibrant city of energy, great restaurants, and some of the best country and mountainous roads you’ll ever ride. Just west of Charlottesville, you’ll find the Shenandoah Valley at the confluence of two epic training grounds, the famous 100-mile Skyline Drive to the north, and to the south, the entrance and Mile Marker ‘0’ of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful farms, old homesteads, and hidden wineries are just some of the sights you’ll encounter in the gorgeous region. A quintisscential southern training experience and the northern-most “Gateway to the Parkway” is a must-do as a part of the planned village network. And with First Bourn locations all “along” the Parkway from C-vile to A-ville, we’re planning the longest and most epic, point-to-point, fully-supported training experience ever seen.

Eastern Shore MD 😉
Mt. Marcy Adirondacks NY
Mt. Mitchell Asheville NC
Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder CO
Mt. Lemmon Tucson AZ
Mt. Hood Bend OR
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Sydney, NSW

Blue Mountains Cronulla / South Coast

Boulder, CO

Flagstaff Mountain 6,983’ Colorado Rockies

Upstate, NY

Mt. Marcy 5,343’ Adirondacks and Lake Placid

Bend, OR

Mt. Hood 11,250’ Three Sisters & Mt. Bachelor

Tucson, AZ

Mt. Lemmon 9,157’ Marsh Station

Asheville, NC

Mt. Mitchell 6,683’ Blue Ridge Parkway

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